Life. What a dizzying place to be. Full of so much wonder and joy and love. So many questions. Many go by unanswered. Some questions just don’t matter anymore. Some you learn to accept you will never have answered. Some you can never ask out loud. Some burn inside you. Love! So many poems and songs, stories and operas. A name graffited under a bridge or a beautiful painting. It matters. It’s important. Just turn the radio and listen to the lyrics. Everyone loves, everyone hurts and everyone dreams of love.

Israeli strike hits Gaza hospital


phew, time sure flies when youre forced into wasting your entire life wage-earning in a capitalist society 

"فلسطين موجود
يقاوم فلسطين"

Palestine exists

Palestine resists

(via run-bassel)


I am a feminist because
I don’t think this video could be much more relevant.


The world stands with Palestine.